i had a nap to this today

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It was exasperating! Some hoity-toity bitch, was demanding coffee be brought to one of her negotiators, using this gelid form of coffee to which one merely adds hot water. I tried to tell her he'd like my fresh brewed stuff better, but then she went off on some long self-righteous, self-serving sophistry, making me beg her to shut up and LISTEN.

See I was the go-between. There was the hoity-toity bitch, and various of her children in the main house, in which I was using her absent eldest son's room, while I was there to help. There were the diplomats. And there were the negotiators. The negotiators were all squoze together in an antique train car in her yard. I thought all of them deserved coffee, at least.

And, therefore my fresh brewed in a nice thermal decanter would be better for their purposes and could work fine with her hoity-toity china and silverware. She just kept on like Her Royal Highnuts, so I left the room, mid-stream of her shrill sophistry, and went to the train car in her yard to ask the boys if they'd like some coffee. Yes, why, yes, they sure would.

So I went off to get 'er done and right in the middle of it I was interrupted by some bulletin about hostages NOT being freed and some twat having a fit over it, which irked me so much I woke up just in time to take in the ending of this pathetic exercise in futility.

Now, I'M drinking my coffee, just to stop being irked by irk.

pipe up any time....