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But then I thought maybe you'd like to see for yourself how it's been going.

Over the years, I have been learning how they do things in Russia, and as for the living spaces, in the cities at least, it's pretty much high rise apartment or condo blocks — some built by government and others built by developers — where they usually just build the shell of the building and the buyers put in their own interiors. Most people live this way, but also most will have a dacha in the country for vacations and summers.

The dachas are usually around very small towns and they do not appear to have any particular building code. You can have a gorgeously-appointed home right next to a veritable lean-to with an outhouse. The dachas evolve over decades and generations as people improve their financial base and/or the next generation does.

But, there is ample housing in the cities for the very poor-to-outright destitute.

No homelessness.

And, Mariupol is once again in Russia. Congratulations are in order.

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