can you imagine trump having the humility it would take

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To mend relations with Russia, let alone all the Arab states they've fucked over, all the European states they've fucked over? I'm sitting here trying to imagine how we might live on a planet full of sovereign states peacefully trading in The Fair World Order.

Immediately offering to repair the NordStream pipelines would be a good start, but, ultimately, not good enough. There would have to be a long succession of good will negotiations by people completely devoid of influence from special interests and capable of GREAT humility, and by this I mean NOT fake meekness, but ACTUAL, brotherly, humility... and... and the dreaded transparency.

So, yeah, I can't help but agree with Trevor, the cable tech magician, that he really is our ONE chance for anyone in the federal government truly looking out for all us little people. I can't see him getting everyone on the world stage happy to deal with us, ever again. He's not going to be able to barge his way through the lesser dignitaries. MBS won't be fazed by his bluster. Nor the ayatollahs. Nor the Russians.

Maybe he could take out his aggressions on the Brits.

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