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Things are weird with me these past couple days. I, of course, mean weirder than normal. And I almost called in sick-at-heart, just on account of this weirdness, this sort of kookily downward thrust in planetary aura... whatever it is, but having just experienced maybe the most mordant laugh-out-loud in my life, I guess I just will man up.

After all of the outright ludicrously conflicting reports about the perfidious Secretary Austin — and the ever-tightening insistence that he was in Kiev and got injured or killed with a mob of NATO guys and Ukrainian generals in a bunker together on 2 January — and NO pictures or recordings of any kind of him from the hospital, there are only two things that can be made of this latest: [1] he's dead and can't deny it; or [2] they paid him hundreds of millions of dollars to take the rap, and just slink into obscurity after he is released from hospital.

Also Gonzalo Lira, an American Citizen, died yesterday in Ukraine from being in prison for criticizing Zelenskyy. You may recall my having become fed up with his rantings last year, because he'd become increasingly bellicose about our national cretinism, to the point where not even I could excuse him for it, knowing his heart was in the right place, but for our neocon Department of State to leave him there was and remains utterly inexcusable.

And, this failure to protect the powerless, which has lately become the active determination to kill us, is THE ultimate sin against not just my native state, or the United States of America, but against all humanity.

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