heinous behavior — link fixed

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Every day it seems MOST important to Ukraine to kill ALL Ukrainians.


Would have helped if I'd looked to make sure I was replacing the image link with the news. Anyway, now it's a better accounting of the deaths. Alexander Mercouris thinks it's possible it was all down to Kiev not communicating effectively with their air defense people, but others think it might've been someone trying to stop the communication between Russian and Ukrainian generals Seymour Hersh seems to think had been taking place. Me, I think it's just like Budanov to do this, just to be evil. It's his thing.

Anyway, sorry I messed up the link all those hours back. I was not fully caffeinated and trying to formulate the best order for my chores out there in the world today... and de-soggifying my car, again! Not even the Honda Gods got that problem solved and I had to pay them SERIOUS money, for all the things needing serviced AND that soggy car syndrome problem.

Goddammit! They're too far away to kill. It would bankrupt me to get there to kill them. So I'd be in jail AND in debt. Too ignominious to contemplate. So. When it's pouring down out there, I need to get in there and get the A/C on hot and leave it running for a while so it stops feeling like a leaky submarine in there.

Not quite as wet as the mudroom but getting there.

Heavy sigh.

pipe up any time....