raining pachyderms here for at least twelve hours

[click image]


To the point where it took out the power here when some dope bumped into a pole or tree gave up the ghost, whatever. As you so well know, I am helpless when this happens. I had to bundle up and put on my psychedelic yellow raincoat/tent to battle the raging elephants and rhinos and hippopotami for some COFFEEEEEEE!

Had to go to Oregon for it. The sweet girl at their northbound Douch Brothers gave me a free monster breve because I was so bedraggled and OBVIOUSLY decaffeinated beyond recognition. Heh. That helped.

EVERYTHING but my trusty landline phone goes dead on me when the power goes out. I mean, knowing the time. Checking for any salient bit, INCLUDING what day it is... gone as surely as boiling water or warming soup and too dark to even read.

It's still raining, but it's down to mere cats and dogs now.

pipe up any time....