got the divot left in my side fixed yesterday afternoon

[click image]


It never healed right and so I asked the surgeon if he could fix it. Yes, yes, easily, right here in the office. So he did. Cut all around the divot, poked around in there to make sure there was no suture under there causing the trouble, dangled about an ounce of raw nines filet in front of me, flung it in the trash and sewed me back up, inside and outside. He gave me a paint-on clear bandage.

We talked about thunderstorms and floating restrooms on lakes.

Well, I was in no pain at all afterward, which I hoped wasn't just the local not wearing off yet. So I went to the grocery store and to get a blood test so I could just come back home and no need to make a bunch of trips to town for a while. This morning it was immediately apparent the local has worn off.

So. Fine. Of course my body is going to register having gotten carved up. So, even though I think Lex is a drip, I think Tucker has had a great awakening and has truly set out to model real American behavior for us, I'm listening to this from bed.

pipe up any time....