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Make piddling gestures into headlines... so I've spent an hour or two carving up Palestine into two states. I've been fair.


Okay. Some hours later I'm finding that China is losing patience, everybody knows if China then decides to recognize Palestine, that's going to make life much harder for all of them. So, maybe, Russia isn't being too optimistic about it after all.

Although, I can think of about too many ways it all goes south, or merely returns to the lethal status quo... which nobody but bad guys and the hypnotized wants to settle for. I mean, the Hamas guys might be skunks, but the people Bibi put them there to besmirch aren't, and it looks like Bibi's big plan backfired on him anyway. What MUST happen is Palestine being free.

And these Houthi fellows make me cry. People think they're gnats.

They are pure unadulterated heart.

[And winning.]

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