thinking you'll stay voting for democrats?

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You've lost your mind. I swore off it three months after Nosbaracktu was inaugurated, BECAUSE it was FINALLY plain to me that never in all my life had they delivered on ANY of their promises. Homelessness was a major instance of it, and they kept blaming it on Republicans EVEN when there were only three of them in our legislature.

This is the price of not paying attention to ACTUALITY. I know you can't ignore a lot of it nowadays, it's SO bad, but you're not prepared because you are too used to giving lipservice or a tsk or a groan to bad news and running from it mentally... like the real world is tv show. This is true on every single one of your pet issues.

They don't like gays or even deal with transexuals, or even bellow about doing that to CHILDREN. They don't like people of other races unless they happen to be forced near enough to treat them as anything more substantive than cartoon characters. Their compassion always turns to let's throw more money at it... at horrifically expensive unworkable, sometimes not even lucid, studies from their friends about how to solve it... and when people start screaming about nothing getting done, they do the SAME thing over again, and again, and again.


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