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She is such a brilliant and tender soul. She said something to me a couple days ago that made the penny drop for me. She told me there'd been a Shaman concert scheduled at the same venue for the weekend of the terror warning from DC, that we'd all dismissed as a way to scare Putin voters in Russia.

That's when I remembered Nuland hissing about the "nasty surprise"... and how she'd been in Kiev to not end up settling Zelenskyy's staffing problem, but quickly moved to a powwow with Budanov, emerging to threaten Congress that if they did not approve the billions and weapons to pile in the spot where the other billions and weapons had so recently been, well, there was no choice but to resort to asymmetrical warfare.

It was in the news that she'd only spent a short time with the president, but a couple days with that FIEND who keeps a list of journalists to KILL and has sent people to go plant bombs in border towns and on train tracks in Russia. Ukraine's Chief of the Main Directorate of Intelligence has been doing asymmetrical warfare from the git... but his soulmate Toria Nuland needed a couple days' strategic planning with him, where she came out promising Russia a "nasty surprise".

That was not long before her "retirement" was suddenly announced by the Secretary of State... which was also two days before the terror warning went from us to Russia... which was also when Shaman was performing at the same venue. That kid is Russia's biggest pop star, draws huge crowds sings what amounts to the young people's national anthem, I Am Russian, who has also said he will pay for the funerals of all the dead and the medical bills for the injured.

Because the moment this happened, everybody in Russia knew PRECISELY who'd done it. They can go on insisting it was ISIS until the planet blows up, but it will only fool the HYPNOTIZED, and I'm ashamed it took me so long to put it together.

Even though their huge coup was thwarted, I certainly hope this was the last homage to that vicious fiend, demon spawn, late of our Department of State, who's already caused so much human suffering and death on a planet where all we want is to "love and breathe".

I can't tell you how many harebrained theories I've seen, including the immortal "the Jews did it", when a high-ranking official in the United States government came right out and told the world what she had in store for us. DC is frantically STILL trying to get that toothpaste into its tube, but if you have any synapses left leading anywhere near actuality, you KNOW who did it already, and maybe need the mourning rituals in Russia more than they do.


Now confirmed, the Shaman concert was scheduled for the 8th, the day after the US issued the terrorist warning. An Azeri potentate was attending and there were too many armed guards there, so the "nasty surprise" was postponed.

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