dear righties/MAGAs

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I love you, and hate insulting you, but I'm desperate to get through to you that most of the rest of the world HATES us, is sick to actual death of our bullying and our psychedelic sophistry and hypocrisy, our UTTER belief in our superiority... our exceptionalism. It's been done to millions and millions of deaths.

Sure, all this sickenly ardent blather about Racist! Homophobe! White Privilege! is fake stuff kids and ninnies can beat us with until the end of time and not make it true, but, as an actor on the world stage, it's ALL true. It's not us. It's THEM. If they scream about it, it's that good old fashioned projection because their virtue cannot be impugned.

THAT is what the whole rest of the world HATES about us. So you can't go thumping on USA USA USA USA USA USA, ad nauseam, BECAUSE we're the damn anti-Christ just about everywhere else on the planet. You CANNOT pride your way around that.

You CANNOT fill with patriotic fervor over helping Israel GENOCIDE with bombs and starvation the Palestinians... I don't care HOW badly you need to make Jewish people feel unthreatened. Putting them on a pedestal the way wokesters do blacks and gays and trans is JUST as RACIST! HOMOPHOBE! WHITE PRIVILEGE! as the asshole projecting they do.

They're ALL humans. And we're all led by psychopaths who are hurting them. Neither pole on the political map is the culprit. The corrupt and EVIL globalist psychopaths ARE THE ENEMIES OF ALL HUMANITY.

They are the culprits in Ukraine, against Russia AND the culprits in Palestine.

I want my country back. God. Damn. It.

Quit wilting in front of the enemy and screaming at your countrymen.


I guess I should add that this is feeding the gang of bozos who think that Jews are the root of all evil, that THEY are the globalist psychopaths, which I don't think is a bit helpful.

It seems to me the best possible outcome of this abomination in the Levant is that Israel gets creamed, it goes back to being Palestine AND both Palestinians and Jews belong there, live there, govern there. The Jewish supremecists can go bluster their entitlement on the South Pole, for all I care. They are murderating PIGS who are nearly as reprehensible as the globalist psychopaths from whatever national or off world origin.

We have SO much work to do, and NEVER get to it because of these fiends.


Let us each check ourselves before the narcissists and the total dopes blow up our planet.

pipe up any time....