lament the failure of religion

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To harken truth in so many humans. NO BOOK CAN SAY IT IN LITERAL TERMS. But ALL of them, to one degree of scrutability or other, USE METAPHOR. That is the ONLY way to get it across, to get the answers to so many questions across to deluded humans. One is actually born knowing it, but the world piles on and by the time you are an adult, it is almost completely gone, or completely gone beyond reprieve.

Once anyone fully understands what their good book is actually telling them, they begin to understand that ALL of those books are telling everyone THE truth. Without those "intellectual and moral instruments" so many lack, and all psychopaths lack, we ARE doomed.

And, yes, almost all clerics of any sort have NO clue, and so the books themselves have been adulterated over the centuries, making it harder still for Your Average Joe and Joella to understand, but EVERYTHING that ails us is attributable to the failure of the masses to see... to STOP and LOOK.

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