probably our safest choice

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I do, though, have a friend who says we should find some master hackers to make each state come up with a landslide victory of write-ins for a different dead movie star or historical world villain. He thinks THAT would wake up the sleeping masses, and, as you all know, after decades of working for election integrity, I'm at my wit's end.

So, now, I'm not sure whether I should vote for Literally Anyone Else or help brainstorm for really fabulous good-guy hackers as to which dead actors and historical villains should go to which state.

No. Really. I'm not voting for people who let humans be starved to death while they're being bombed mercilessly by MANIACS who don't feel safe unless they can kill anyone within reach... and especially if they're women and children... babies... all of whom they call "terrorists".

pipe up any time....