russia never would have been an enemy

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If the West had not completely melted down about the communist takeover after the Russian Revolution. It wasn't what the Russians had wanted either. But they have not been communists even just in name for almost 35 years; have shown with deeds too many times to count that there's no danger of that returning; bent over backward to be friends and partners with us; and yet the globalist psychopaths have been cranking out lies and invective toward them since Vladimir Putin halted the pillage there.

What they're REALLY mad about is the pillage prevention. OUR LEADERS WANT ONLY TO PILLAGE RUSSIA FREELY.

That's IT. Their ONLY aim.

I just saw that Seymour Hersh is calling Putin THE IRON-CLAD PI√ĎATA in his latest piece. I love the old geezer but not enough to dole out any of my pathetic grocery budget, and, really, the title says it all anyway.

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