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With all kinds of particulars about apprehending the perps.

Even if you only listen to the first half hour, you will have cause to remember how OUR country should be.


My theory: March 5, Nuland's "retirement" announced. March 7, US warns Russia of attack. I think someone in the administration put it together about Nuland's plan to do asymmetrical warfare on Russia with that "nasty surprise" she mentioned, had to make it manifest to her that WE DO NOT WANT TO GET NUKED BY RUSSIA, and got out the warning in time to stop it from being a Shaman concert that got leveled. I'm not sure, but I hear he may have been booked for that weekend, either at Crocus or somewhere bigger.

Budanov, the fiend, who would have been incandescent with rage, may have set this one off JUST to vent.

Still Nuland. Just delayed.

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