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I saw this story pop up in two places yesterday, or the day before, and now suddenly the legacy media pays attention to it, talks about it, downplays it?

I have heard many times that the maniacs in charge of Israel ACTUALLY want to bring Armageddon down around our ears. They think this is the day when they win the battle against the rest of the world and the Fundamentalist Christians think this is the day the bonkers Jews go down and Christ returns.

So both are avid for it.

Seem to think that if we actively TRY to bring it about, we will... what? Be quit of everything that isn't wonderful? Fly to Pluto under our own God-infused steam? Evil is dead forever? Doesn't that mean EVERYTHING is over for humans, period?

Wouldn't it be better to use good judgment and make a better world?

And I don't think weaponized media playing it down means ANYTHING good.

Well, plus, doesn't anybody think it's odd to need to incinerate a bunch of the very creatures created to best nourish humans to propitiate the creator? Excuse me, but that's Satanic death cultish claptrap.

And some of them are presently SO drunk with it they've gone full genocide on us.

Clearly, witless, mad, unthinking or feeling berserk.

pipe up any time....