you gotta really dig to find this stuff

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Gotta know it's happening to know to dig for it, whereas the horrors of what Israel is doing to Palestine are a bit easier to find, like the massacres at the aid deliveries, the decimated hospitals, no medicine, no water, no food... the other day I saw a simple picture of a starving man's face in Gaza and burst out crying it was SO horrifying. Had to scroll past it quickly before I went screaming naked through the pelting hail to break down doors and DEMAND justice.

At least there is some encouragement to know that the IDF is losing on the ground, that there may come a day when Palestine is back, though probably minus a huge number of their people, and there are men from all Palestinian factions meeting to figure out how to proceed.

This has been going on for longer than I have been alive, but not since the Nakba in 1948, when so many were murdered and driven out, has it been this bad. Israel has no "right to self-defense". It has no right to exist. Strip the Holocaust Industry's constant whining and guilt tripping which has covered for their dirty dealing, terrorism, thuggery, sophistry and outright LIES, all with help from the United States, and it is easy to see that Britain had NO right to give Palestine to anyone in the first place, that this has been one loooong and agonizing occupation, and it is flat illegalEVIL — has been from the git.

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