boomer humor

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About all that's worth a heh out there today. I did finally come to the party after my third coffee, most of the way, and it's pretty mortifying and sort of funny to be recognizing that I'm turning into a classic little old lady. I remember my dear friend, Nancy, who was my mother's age, driving out my long dirt road driveway to sneak cigarettes behind her husband's back.

I distinctly recall her suddenly being loopy as heck one time, forgetting utterly about how to manage reverse gear in the little Toyota ranch truck in which she always came. I had to do it for her. It was only the once, and she lived twenty plus more years — even with a boyfriend who turned into her second husband — but it had concerned me. I'd never seen her falter like that before. That's pretty much what I think happened to me starting yesterday and not ending until a few hours ago.

Maybe "senior moments" sometimes just land a bit harder.

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