hello and good "morning" to you

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I am on my first cup of coffee. And MUCH improved from my wretched state yesterday and last night. It was as though the evil humors wafting out there were trying to settle in my body for good, and I'd had to get up and stub my toes so hard to frighten them off me.

I can't believe I woke up today with not even bruising from it. That HAS to be the buddhas of the ten directions having mercy on me. I've been faithfully drinking my powders Joely sent me to help keep me hale, and stopped the murderous blood thinners a couple years ago, so between every scrap of good and loving intent and the decency that has made itself known on this planet during the hours of my travail... well....

We're saved. At least I am. For the moment.

Still a little sore in my foot, with a sprinkle of tingle hovering at my wrist, but no bruising or bleeding, barely any broken skin, and I'm counting all this as a minor miracle that is verging on a major one.

We have been booted out of the Middle East for purposes of conducting our military operations and THAT is holy in my estimation.

THAT is the world saving us from the evil tide, and my very body is reflecting that miracle.

pipe up any time....