i've had two trans friends in my life

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One was named Molly until she was 18, when he changed it to Chris in preparation for surgical transitioning. The mastectomy and testosterone turned him into a sex-crazed maniac who was chasing me, more than twice his age, around relentlessly until he had to move to San Francisco for college.

I'd pled with him, asking him what's wrong with just being a lesbian? Would not do, EVEN when, immediately after testosterone, no time to have racked up ANY experience as male, he took off after me like that. It's been a long time ago, but I think he only ever had one actual girlfriend. Then it was a transwoman. Then it was a gay man. I think he ended up with the gay man. So, it was an inadvertently heterosexual relationship.

Then there was Kelly, a transwoman who looked like a football player in a wig. Very sweet, and creative. Truly, also actually gay, but, I think, tired of being mistreated by men, and hoping the transition would solve his problems. He wanted to be a she, but he could NOT stand the estrogen because it made his thinking too fuzzy. So, he wasn't ever really a she, if one is allowing for a biological male or female ever actually being a she or he at all.

He/she HATED questions about being trans. Flipped out when I asked if his daughter was his biological daughter or adopted daughter, screaming that it did not matter. Well, it does not matter legally or in any other way beside biologically... and asking was only by way of being real friends with him. I can't think of him as a her, after trying very hard because, while sweet and thoughtful, he just NEVER came off as female to me in any respect. He was a great big man in a wig that probably was his own hair, but the receding hairline gave his do a wiglike effect.

Transwomen who still feel like men, ARE men, and transmen who still feel like women ARE women. Manhood and womanhood ARE NOT skin deep. If you are of age and chosen this path, well, I'm willing to be your friend anyway, but DON'T play games with me. You can't just be a bitchy man and expect me to honor your womanhood. You can't just chase after me like a lesbian with rabies and expect me to honor your manhood.


I had told Kelly this business about transitioning little kids was appalling and amounted to child abuse, and I was becoming increasingly alarmed about it. He wailed that no, it has to be young or it won't take! I'm all well, it never WILL "take". It might only ever make someone appear in most ways to be one or the other, and the whole business of working out interrelating as one or the other entails how well one ACTUALLY interacts with people. Can't be helped.

And, again, WHAT is wrong with simply being gay? I've known a thousand perfectly happy gay people. I don't get it, but they do and they're vastly happier and more productive people, with whom it IS possible to have a great relationship, notwithstanding their inverted sexual orientations.

I have so much experience with this, I can tell you with all certitude that gay people ARE capable of functioning in our society as normal humans. Not all of them, mind you, especially the younger ones or the ones gone screaming queens to SUCH a shrillness it's impenetrable, but, in the main, totally doable if they'd just leave off with the Pride Parades and Drag Queen Story Hours, and be the regular humans they are.

Very many of whom I love to itty bitty bits.

Too many do NOT see that they're taking it too far and losing a battle they've already won. I've begged some of them to PLEASE re-assess, to allow gay kids a chance in this world by simply being out and normal, by simply being who they are, by simply BEING. As it is, they are now lending their strength to something evil.


I don't care who you are, I'm relating with you as a real HUMAN BEING with the same constitutional protections as every one of us came into the world owning. If you're going to be trans, fine, but you better do better than merely become sex-crazed or look like a drag queen and call it good.

But all that is, by now, neither here nor there. NOW it's much worse for everyone. This is OUT of control. Beyond the pale. No longer even partly palliative for any true sense of gender dysphoria... at best it's yet another human guinea pig project in the great "scientific" quest to outstrip Cosmos, aka God.

And, while you might find some of this video a bit extreme, you also, if you are a good faith human, might be grateful for the information. There are THOUSANDS of young people being maimed, exiled from the gene pool as a consequence of a fantastically profitable POLITICALLY-induced fad, and their eventual decision to detransition is leaving them with irreversible medical problems.

And they are being left with NO support from a movement that helped doctors betray their oaths. In fact, they are being swept under the rug so as not to cause ANY questioning. This isn't any longer about the very few who ARE born with the wrong plumbing, or who ARE well-experienced enough in life, grown up enough, to be CERTAIN this IS what they want, that this IS what will make them feel the most who they are.

No. It's already done a spectacular amount of damage to innocents, and to marriages, and to the mentally ill, and to every single one of us who loves our fellow humans.

It's outright inhumane, and EVIL people are pushing it.

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