may still be a little early to tell

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But, yes, so far the maniacs have backed off their outraged plans to get even with Iran for exhibiting the characteristics of a powerful grownup on them. After nigh eighty years of acting like feral children, murdering, antagonizing, starving, and willy nilly ousting Palestinians from their homes through violent means... oh, and sending out air strikes onto other countries at whim... MAYBE everyone ganging up on them to stop them from getting everyone on the planet killed or as starved as the population of Gaza... MAYBE they'll cool their jets.

I still say it's very doubtful without putting Bibi in a coma, but maybe threats from numerous countries that it will be worse than a coma will have all gone to some form of good effect. You never can tell, and Pepe has done a good job rapping down the particulars here. My only qualm is that he may be jumping the gun with his positive mood here.

Positive feels soooo soothing these days, doesn't it? I like it. We all like it. I'm just worried that every time I let down my guard, take a nap, or go to the grocery store, and today a doctor appointment, blammo, I return to find the break in my vigilance has produced some new outrage to learn to take like a bodhisattva. I hope the world doesn't burn down before I've perfected that.

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