dreamin' big this morning

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Having a long walk with 86 on the beach. Effortlessly. No pain. No strain. Which makes me feel as though I might be dying in my sleep because I can't make it much further than a couple hunnert feet on pavement before I'm so locked up it's dreadfully painful.

Also, I was old friends with a couple brothers who had a cobbler business on Highway One... a Highway One that was both down in Stinson and up here in the redwoods. Nobody dreams up highways like I do... or fictional friends who do cool things like make shoes, and produce manuscripts.

We were talkin' beaded moccasins and manuscripts at their store, and them griping at me to come more often, and some asshole from the retreat center across the highway was reading one of my manuscripts and wanting to be nasty to me, but having trouble not showing his admiration and they were laughing about it.

And, believe it or not, this weather is going to be pretty damn uncomfortable for me. I start feeling like it's way too stuffy when it hits 70ยบ and every degree up from there means sweat and misery.

pipe up any time....