if you ask me

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And few ever do, the internet has given us a chance to view the whole range of facts, and purported facts, relating to just about anything on which we choose to focus our attention.

The fact that the vast majority of us use up all that attention time to focus on twaddle that has little or nothing to do with actuality is baked into the poisoned cake... and always has been.

So, I'm sure, Trump backers will have a fit about this, so should everyone who is sodden with hatred for the man. We've had a source capable of illustrating to us that we have not had anyone in office with the ability to overrule the general flow of globalist psychopaths since JFK, and even he didn't come in with it, but only woke up in time to recognize what would be done about it.

We're in big trouble.

This is NOT business-as-usual. This IS an existential crisis. So you might understand why the fundamentalist Christians out there are SO fervid about the return of Christ. Whereas, there are many of us out here fervid about the return of SENSE... you know, sanity, probity, competence, constancy, truth... real human values.

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