i'm up

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I know, I know. 6pm is a little outrageous, but... THAT is the sleep circus. I do NOT sleep on Earth's schedule. I may have been some kind of freak interdimensional being from the git, and just got jogged off my plotted course EARLY, but this is SO damn the way it goes. It worsens, not heals.

It's to the point where healing it would confuse the snot out of me.

Anyway. I'm two sips of coffee into sentience here, and strikes me we ought to listen to this fellow and his life story... his human-killer story. I have to go back to the start of it because it was playing mostly while I was sleeping and made me cry when I was awake and it was not white noise blocking for me.

I mean strikes me we should listen to what those moronic and feral neocon uniparty globalist psychopaths in Washington DC and wherever else they abide are doing to our flesh and our blood in order to make everyone on the planet HATE us... what they do to our excellence, our American morals and love for life.

It's long, but it's the weekend, and we're too old for going out and tearing it up... and too poor. Maybe we'll doze off in spots, but we can rewind and have more coffee, or a handful of B12. We can do this.

pipe up any time....