is this why none of you worked on my garage project?

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I met and spent time chatting with Mark McCandlish ten years ago. He was pretty shy and retiring, and didn't stay up too late to have his act together the next day, like many of the rest of us.

Very nice, almost too nice. Documented everthing he knew or saw or did. I did not quite trust him. I mean, I wanted to trust him, but he just somehow left me with too many questions about the way he told his story. Could just have been a reticence to make certain parts clear enough to get himself in trouble... or a means to embellish without getting busted. Or, I was just paranoid.

I have NOT been doing regular continuing education dives to keep my doctorates up to speed, so this came as a surprise... although, he was 67, so he might've been found dead of anything.


Two hours later, strikes me I should add that you CAN get through the VanAllen Belts with this drive. It creates a pocket of antigravity around the craft, which is also anti-radiation. And, this IS what distracted the Nazis [Nazi Bell, aka Die Glocke] from developing their nukes enough to shoot them at anyone.

They have "no proof" but they have a LOT of evidence. So this not Out There. It's just Private Physics.

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