one trick ponies

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Even after they've failed with it so spectacularly and repeatedly. What happens to the brutal psychopath dad after his kids split? Does he turn to minding his own business? Or does he turn into an even nastier bitter old brute?

It's ALWAYS people who will do ANYTHING to cover their shame. ALWAYS. That's what psychopaths are doing, even when they can't exactly experience it like humans do. They can't acknowledge losing, any sort of inferiority. It's all and always a game, and they WON'T lose, even if they lose. They turn that into merely part of the game, victory still right there on the horizon.

Hillary provided the first new tactic in forever for them. Simply do not EVER acknowledge that you lied. Just keep acting like you are powerful and have things people want to hear when you say them. It's not a loss when you completely ignore having been caught in a whopper... caught on camera showing your true colors... somehow never called to account for anyone inconvenient being suddenly inexpicably dead, that sort of thing.

Maybe it's a playbook, with very few rules, but those are Iron Laws.

I'm just sitting here trying to figure out how Trump is going to deal with a planet full of people who won't be pushed around anymore. He does not sound like he's taking it in. His whole foreign policy seems idiotic in this atmosphere. They'll just do to him what they've been doing to Brandon... on top of all the measures the globalist psychopaths have been passing into law to keep him tied down even if they let him win.

I see quite a few people trying to get their hats hung on this fellow who just popped up into heavy rotation on X, like he's the spokesmodel for a patriotic army of first responders and special operations stars and grand slam lawyers, like there are SO many county sheriffs who will thumb their noses at the feds, this is in the bag.

Wouldn't that be nice?

Doesn't it sound like those guys who'd pop up to tell us all that they're going to pay us each hundreds of thousands of dollars when they break up the big USA, Inc? It kept popping up all over, and when one would get worn out or turn out unable to deliver on schedule, another would pop up, and another, and over and over, until it all morphed into some cabal calling itself "Q" and promising us this sort of ultra action movie cleanup of the filthy corrupt lizards just as soon as we re-elect Trump?

They're drawing people off into the hope of a savior mode so we don't erupt and tear them all limb from limb. It's Third Millennium Waiting For Godot out there, and Trump is NOT Godot. He should've run against Nosbaracktu in 2008. There'd've been a chance then.

DO you think he will be able to draw back from his shtick, get a good gander at the real landscape NOW and realize that the ONLY thing for our country now is to STOP with "foreign policy" horse shit — including, or maybe especially, with Palestine — and focus COMPLETELY on here? I don't.

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