woke up in a very sad pretty space

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At 4am. Got my coffee going — turned this up to eleven — and set about getting you a fuck ton of links from the last 48 hours in anticipation of compiling them all here so I could tell you I'm going to ignore the welling fear and try to get as clear and blunt as I can be, and if you are too stupid or heartless to take me how I mean, that's YOUR problem.

I brought it up last evening, but it's really breaking out all over and I need to be more explicit. And it's not just Congo, it's all of Africa wanting alliance with Russia and China... a Fair World order.

If, by some highly improbable twist of actuality, that geezer really did what he did to Fico out of pure political derangement, it would ONLY be just that, but you know damn well that's NOT what it was. Fico has been the breath of sanity taking responsibility for a people, and the trapped rats won't have it.

Genocide proceeding in the Levant due to repulsive, revolting, disgusting, loathsome and corrupt old men and women in high places? Gives me gas. I could just puke.

Raisi and several other high-ranking Iranians taken in a manner too similar to Dag Hammarskjöld and so many others here and around the world just in our lifetimes?

Heroes in prison, or dead, or being stitched back together while these villainous creeps, the ones who actually BELONG in prison, order everyone around?

You can't remain afraid of these filthy fucks going postal from their despicable power trips and bid to take over the world in such a mortally wounded state, and expect decency to ever thrive again.

You can't cling to your stupid identity politics — right or left — Muslim or Christian or Jewish or EVEN Buddhist — and SO self-and-other-harming victim shtick when this stuff is on full blast, weaponized media drilling you with baldfaced lies 24/7/365.

We are stripped down to bare naked human being now. The profligacy of our head trips — ALL of them — is nauseating. When do we stop being cowering little fleas, soon to begin starving from the incogitance in charge and take responsibility — NO MATTER THE COST?

pipe up any time....