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I remember back in the day, when I would still look at Democracy Now! for any reason beside someone extremely close to me insisting I would not puke... or, literally, editing all the DN! participation on something they'd aired... truly, at least AS execrable as Rachel Maddow... I used to value Jeremy Scahill's "work" on Blackwater, and specifically, Eric Prince.

I mean, upon reflection, I did not admire Scahill, but had been fooled into paroting his self admiration. Still, I'd shaken that off relatively quickly, but did not update myself on his take on Eric Prince.

So, now, over the last year or so, I think I've made myself watch something like seven lengthy interviews with him, and I don't hate him. I'm not sure because I don't like it when he's lecturing — no host to guide the discussion — but could be maybe I feel sort of sisterly toward him these days.

You know, you love him but you have to smack him frequently.

pipe up any time....