you can't know

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How much trouble I got myself into, merely by stating that, when it comes right down to it, we have no "proof" of either creationism OR evolution. That was back sometime in the 1980s. What good is it to know and love university professors and grotty old hotshot mathematicians if you CANNOT get them on the same page when you try to share with them the bottom line?

Why do people have so much trouble with this?

The other day, I gave up interacting with some jerk who kept responding to me with ludicrous excuses for the shit show in Palestine. I just asked him to look up the word "hasbara" and don't bother getting back to me. Someone else pipes up that I'm being unfair because it's the same thing "everybody" does, not just "Jews". I shoot back that "Jews" are not doing this. Genocidal maniacs are doing this. And there has to be a line beyond which this excusing yourself shtick WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO STEP or we're fucking warring apes with NO civilization.

I do NOT understand why people still try to fight over this stuff.

WHY would one trade a meaningful life for outright bullshit?

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