i kept vigil over this one

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Not aware that Kevin Rudd was on the plane home with him, or that they would be landing at an Air Force Base instead of the civilian airport in Canberra, I was afraid the fiends would blow his jet out of the sky, or at least mow him down on the tarmac.

I think Australia was as frightened for him as we were, else those two precautions probably would not have been in place. It was hard to see him so bloated his suit was obviously barely able to stay on him. Did they force the jab on him? Diabetes? Just total shit food?

Just hurts to see him looking so unwell....

Anyway, I was glued to the live blogging, and video, and flight tracker, and the goddam legacy media coverage of his homecoming. ALL of it. All the prudent framing of the story, not an impolitic utterance from anyone — which made my skin crawl — all the repetition, every dragged out moment of the entire thing.

Just, everyone, leave him the fuck alone now so he can get medical help, some exercise, some peace and beauty, play with his little boys, just generally clear his head so he can see who he even is now, okay?

We never deserved him.

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