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Have seen with my mind's eye and my face's eyes since I was a very young girl, seeing and hearing also the news anchors talking about the poor besieged Israelis, but reporting stuff about them that was not poor and besieged, but wealthy and beseiging... more than that... cruel and evil.

News clips of whimpering Israelis, cut in with clips of them exalting over murder and torture. Decades of air assaults and slaughter and bulldozers and "settlers" who were merely non-state actors the military protected.

Finally, now, people are whining about how Israelis can be so exactly like the Nazis. I was hollering about that 40, 50 years ago... and NOW the world is realizing it?

They want to know how that can be.

It can be from a way too proud people being treated like that. It's not the agony and death they resent. It's the insult to their pride. They are lower than animals, who cannot clean the insult of victimization, whether Germans being punished cruelly needing to slaughter Jews, or The Chosen feeling the right to do that to people whose homes they're taking because Nazis DARED do that to them.

It's like the cycle of abuse in families. The innocent kids get turned into pigs by their parents, over and over and over and over and over and over and over....

And who are the nitwits defending this? The neighbors who hear the screams and do nothing, for fear of that abuse being visited on them, or just because they, too, feel that is the entitlement of who dared winning? Sophistry-filled ear-beatings so often they can't even recognize it for what it is anymore? WHAT?

It's not lucid. Not even close.

Anyway, I've seen this documentary and it is just like I cannot count how many others I've seen in my life, especially since the advent of the internet, and I can't think WHAT good it is to produce it, beside maybe soothing people involved in production, because not a one of those sad documentations has triggered a resolution to the FILTH that has besieged Palestine.

I wonder, do Israelis never stop to think that not having fulfilled their end of the bargain with God, they stopped being His chosen people millennia ago? That maybe they should aspire to be like the decent, loving and truthful Jews all over the world?

Is there a streak of psychopathy in their genes from epigenetics? Do the Christian Zionists cheering them on so they can be slaughtered and herald the return of the Christ not realize they are breaking every Christian tenet to help force the end of the world?

What in the fuck is WRONG with everyone?

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