take your real politik and shove it

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The thing I hate about "realists" is they're so busy prognosticating on what is that they do not put enough, or usually not even any, emphasis on what SHOULD be, or even what MIGHT be if decent people were in charge instead of vicious psychopaths.

Whatever might hold sway in the future, the present is NOT being fought on those grounds. It is SPIRITUAL warfare, and you can bet the future of this planet on that FACT. Russia is NOT going to nuke anyone until we do. THEY DO NOT NEED TO. They can turn any city on the planet to dust with their hypersonic missiles.

Those missiles can be fired from land, air and sea, are unstoppable by missile defense systems, and they also come in a nuclear tipped variety. We will be severely damaged by them. RUSSIA WILL NOT NUKE ANYONE FIRST. THEY DO NOT HAVE TO.

AND, for fucksakes, I'm SICK of people using the words "Joe" and "Biden" to denote the power doing all this filthy shit in a country that has been nothing but a den of thieves and nazis for thirty years. Use "neocons" or "globalists" or "psychopaths" or "witless pigs with rabies" instead.

That piece of shit has NEVER had any power or say so over jack, except his corruption business. You keep using his name and Democrats' brains keep defaulting to their partisan programming... WHICH this realism shtick ONLY makes more awful.


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