angels don't play this haarp

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I was hoping we'd get a rest from all this, but no such luck and it doesn't look to be letting up any time soon.


THIS is the Hutchison thing Mike is talking about....

Any ham radio people you know should be told about it.


It's NOT a damn conspiracy theory. It's real.


And it's taking a terrible toll:
– 3 mins ago [4am PDT]

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. – The death toll from severe storms that roared across the South has risen to 173 across five states with Alabama and Mississippi each reporting increases in the number of deaths in their states.

Alabama's emergency management agency says their death toll has gone up to 128, while Mississippi officials are reporting 32 dead in that state.

Another 11 have been killed in Georgia and one each in Tennessee and Virginia.

The fierce storms spawned tornadoes and have wiped out homes and businesses, forced a nuclear power plant to use backup generators and even prompted the evacuation of a National Weather Service office.
I've been watching those radars, and I'm given to debunking people's yipping about anomalies, but the ones I'm seeing are COMPLETELY different and perfectly geometric... sometimes even squares and rectangles... and that kid is having a fantastically high rate of calling these tornadoes and outrageous outbursts of extremely severe weather. All based on what he believes are at least partially HAARP activity signatures. Think about it. He's definitely on to something