you think i'm just being colorful

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You have not suffered from severe Vitamin D deficiency. Or have you? Are you? I'm here to tell you that once you find out what your lack of circulating D has been doing to you, you will start being darn colorful about it instanter. Not a shred of doubt in my mind. This seems to be worse for extremely fair white people because every medical professional in the First World screams at them to STAY OUT OF THE SUN from the day they are able to comprehend their mother tongues, but it's a problem for everybody who does not live in the tropics and who is not outdoors very much, no matter what skin color. This is also worse for people with thyroid problems because your parathyroid glands regulate the Vitamin D and Calcium in your system. The dearth of it contributes to the dire state of hypothyroidism.

But the dearth of it is ALSO making your prostate go out on you. Dig it. And your kidneys. And your SPINE... even if you're young and male and black. You were griping about the fucking Big Pharma lizards earlier, right? Well... guess what they are working on right now. Maybe you won't go postal until you FIND OUT how shitty you've been feeling for so long has had heavily to do with you not having ENOUGH Vitamin D in your blood. You think it's old age. You're wrong.

I'm not kidding. I will NOT space out on my Vitamin D supplement ever again until I'm dead or so senile I might as well be. It took us a loooooong time to get my blood levels up to just reasonably low and I've now gotten them up to nice and high because I do NOT want my teeth wiggling around in my mouth; my legs cramping when I walk across the room; my energy so low putting my shoes on seems an insurmountable task; my IQ so fogged I send the power company the phone company's balance and repeatedly try to put the coffee grounds into my cup instead of the filter. I could go on. And on. And on.

I know I'm weird. I know my body reacts violently to the slightest hiccups in my biochemistry. Sensitive. I'm sensitive. But you need to heed me on at least the Vitamin D thing. It prevents the flu. It discourages cancer. It helps maintain your bones and discs. It keeps your teeth from falling out and breaking off. YOUR PROSTATE, YOU ASSHOLES. Your prostate. You should be taking a minimum of 2000mgs of D3 a day, no matter how much sun you get or fortified foods you eat. If you are really low on the blood count, way more and it can take months to convince your body it's really there and should be used again. The older you are, the more important it is that you heed me. If you are younger, don't be smug. You might have a much nicer old age, and far less illness, if you just get over yourself and listen to nines on this one.

Remember the world you live in and remember who the federal agencies are there for these days. Google it. You can watch hours and hours of very serious medical scientists holding forth on all this about Vitamin D. Last time I went to the doctor, she warned me not to let my blood levels get over 80 because of all the kerfuffle in the papers recently. Who owns the papers? What do all those studies show? Where are the pharma guys looking to put their money? Pay attention.