creativity is exhausting....

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The whole process of making one's blog look just so, is always daunting because, no matter what you do, it's going to look different to everyone who sets eyeprints on it. The variables are beginningless and endless. There are no bounds anymore to how many things can go wrong for someone trying to be damn picky about her site. I have been aggravated by the existence of feed readers since they came into being. They must be handy, but they also completely lack soul; ignore my extended agonies to bully templates into coöperating; and keep all kinds of traffic off my blog... which... was never much of a concern for me... but having been roped into one or another blog service to be a reliance for other bloggers, trying manfully to do the polite things... not link somebody so many times it actually starts counting against them on their almighty authority jones... not link them for over a certain amount of weeks, or that, too, redounds to their loss of face... be able to interact about problem visitors... not get too chuffed when they clearly are ripping off all your thoughts and not even alluding to your existence, especially when one little offhand link from them could make you more dignified in the eyes of groupthink... I could fill Outer Blogistan with ellipses....

Days and days off in the arcana to find the hex code for the perfect color, only to have visitors griping they cannot see the links. A fantastic amount of men are colorblind. Most of them completely unaware of it. The problem with the age-old dark-on-light versus the light-on-dark question is an agony. It is considered environmentally-correct to have a dark template and images look more dramatic on black or extremely-dark gray backgrounds, but very many people can't go there. Maybe from their whole lives of reading books... which very seldom come in anything but dark-on-light... or maybe it's vision problems... maybe it's simply taste... but usually it's just plain old age. I came up with a really cool cornflower blue that took black text really well, but it just never got happy enough for me to be there all the time.

Maybe this problem is about to become MUCH less difficult for us all. Blogger is going to make their new views feature into something you can customize and even use as the default setting for your blog. I'm hoping to be able to incorporate the view they call "Sidebar" into a separate page you can just toggle to for a dark-on-light view of the nines. That way you are more here than just going to it separately, and certainly more here than with the feed reader thing.

Basically, I'm trying to get around to telling you that, since liberating myself from the whole cosmos of the done thing, I'm feeling more affable about it all. My agonies aren't being held against you anymore. Your perfidious habits of turning off crucial features in your browsers; your completely tasteless resort to brute feed text, as though you're already chipped and ready for the full programming; your cloaking devices; your guilty Twitface habits; your resort to more companionable and less irascible climes—all that—has ceased to vex me in one fell swoop. Kaazaaaaart!

And maybe this can turn out to be a happy place for you to visit, no matter what your connection speed, or screen resolution, or state of visual impairment, or browser preferences. Yes. On top of everything else, one can now set one's browser to deliver just about everything to your specs, and what it can't cover, the platforms and your monitor's brightness controls, and that great Readability tool, can completely manage. Soon we each can live in our own little worlds together!

So I'm just gonna plug along here, developing my skills, evolving my blog, dreaming and cursing and plucking bits from cyberspace to share, mostly aiming to please myself with the product of it all, but sincerely wanting you to be pleased as well. Kindly do me the favor of making no bones about any gripes you have or preferences for one thing or another. I will try to accommodate you if I can do it without ruining my life.

I don't think I've mentioned how much I love you in weeks.