today in nukequake

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I am sorry that there's a need to heed Arnie Gundersen because, even as he does a better job of it than anyone getting mainstream attention, he is still far too diplomatic by half. I suppose any truth tellers who could be both comprehensive and dignified have long since been driven too mad by the oceans of flak and threat that comes with that territory to sound reasonable to anyone, but this is a serious, serious, serious shame.

For instance, how many times do we have to hear about the patent absurdity of locating those plants where they are? NOBODY seems able to connect that this exact placement was very likely the most "cost-effective" choice they could have made. Real estate has got to be vastly less expensive in the tsunami belt, and they can take direct delivery of horrifically hazardous materials right off their own dock. That's a big win/win for the bean counters, and if you don't understand that is the extent of their vision, you really should consider running off with the folk dancing circuit until it's all over, because this is NOT improving and better to clog than to remain so morbidly mystified.

I'm also going to remind you that one, three and four are so much less problematic than two right now, because the worst has already happened. Their meltdowns doing whatever meltdowns do, and we have never been sure, because it's never happened before, but it could be the saturated earth is cooling them enough not to explode whatever groundwater they encounter, but I don't think that keeps them from making it radioactive for all time. Pure amateur speculation, but that's what it looks like to me, and this does explain why Chu was making noises about two so far in advance of any of us hearing about it from anyone else.

You realize, of course, that means they know far, far more than they have let on to the public. You realize, of course, that this means we are their livestock and their math says it's vastly preferable we die instead of stampede. Isn't that right? That is just exactly right.


Knowing as I do that they would do anything to avert a stampede, I might be excused for insisting on one, but I have been stumping for this vast herd to simply cease being driven—not stampede and not be driven—just start milling about in whatever direction strikes our fancy, completely unco√∂peratively going about improving the world. What the hell is stopping all these nukes experts from flying to Japan to start advising the boots on the ground what to do? If the Yakuza is actually beating the government to relief for the miserable victims of the quake and tsunami, they might be eager to also beat the government into DOING SOMETHING about the completely unimpeded radiation from Daiichi, and capably, with the advice of experts.

WHAT is stopping the experts? Just that sick reliance on an obviously criminal power structure. Maybe they're under some completely psychedelic delusion that it is worse to deal with the Yakuza, or, say, a Mexican drug cartel, than with the government. That is blaringly deluded mentation by now, no?

Yes. And ain't it just hilarious how bovine these intensely intelligent and impeccably educated people are?

They would jointly and severally shit bricks if you dared suggest to them they are acting irresponsibly, hallucinating their integrity, and do not deserve their elevated status in society.

I could die laughing.


We're being NUKED.


Seriously monster whopper thunderstorm nailing me to the floor right now... quarter to six pee em. The lightning bolts are so near there's almost no time lapse between the bolts and the claps. DRIVING rain, laced with hail... and radioactive particles....


I shoulda named this place Neon Nines Dot Net.