contemplating a breakaway civilization

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It just seems to me that taking in some of what Richard Dolan has to say can help bridge the gap between partisan pinheads and UFO nuts, between mainstream hypnosis and alternative theorizing, just basically help some out of the box and others into some sort of rational flow. Your liberation is a matter of concern to me, and I will be doing well if I can manage at least to wipe some of the smugness out of your tone when you wish to fall back on dignified tropes, memes etched into the granite inside your skull, brush aside another chance to get some fresh air.

Earlier, for drill, for my doctoral degree, I made myself a PLAYLIST of a good full workday's worth of Illuminati conspiracies to contemplate. I don't know if I can endure it, but that's on my plate to at least attempt.

I downloaded a really, really great Terence McKenna VIDEO, not thinking particularly you would be that interested, and it being on the soon to be defunct "Google Videos", I downloaded it to my computer in case I ended up not wanting to be without it... or in case I want to become some sort of video blogger or podcaster or ultimate cyber-scholor of some kind... once I've got my degree, of course. It turned out to be marvelous, so you might wanna get to it soon.

All this is part of my attempt to lure you into the thought experimenting mode that can help you shift your consciousness out of hypnosis. If you do not think you are hypnotized, let me remind you that such is usually the case and almost never not the case, and in ANY case, despite your sterling intellect and legendarily open mind, that's not good enough. It's compartmentalized or you wouldn't be this miserable. You need to practice this stuff. Everyone does. And it requires one keep fit, keep dropping the old presets and developing a living and breathing and growing and evolving world view.

So it isn't as far out or airy fairy as your training bids you label it and fly away. It's good for your vitality, energy and spirit. It's good for your vision. It's like pounding an ice cold Rock Star and walking out on Franz Mesmer....