i didn't know that!

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Verrrry eenteresting... but not funny....


I did, though, know that filters are worse for you than the rest of the cigarette. Sucking those fibers into your lungs is really, really unwise.


Yes, he shot himself in the foot with the Hippocratic/hypocrite thing, but I think he meant to say they sound like they come from the same root... or it's some sort of joke. He doesn't sound like someone who actually thinks that, is my point, but it's late and I'm getting too fuzzy to discuss it straight.

UPDATE: Straight from the horse's mouth, he meant that the words sound alike... and takes exception to the notion of Hippocrates being the father of medicine. Says it was Imhotep, and he doesn't like the race hypocrisy about Hippocrates. [DON'T tell him about Tsarion or he'll probably flip.] So, the matter has been put to rest.


Regarding OBL still being dead, I've thrown together three playlists on it so far:


I am doing this in case you need to put some authority behind any arguments you might be having with friends over this travesty.

I recognize that our "Jack Ryan template" here is THE pro psyops guy and could have been running one on us for all these years, but it has remained the most credible to me all this time, and he does a VERY good job—in the short version—of parrying the salient question, asked by PCR. So I think it's the truth. Some of the other stuff he says may be designed to color things, but I think for sure the kernel of it is the truth.