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Bugs are not my favorite critters, but I did have a HUGE bright green mantis in my garden until someone all wrong for the job breezed in with a weed whacker. It was not any fun finding two thirds of the mantis that had startled me nearly out of my skin a dozen times writhing it its death throes just after the whacker had run through....


More AMMO from Alex....


Another angle to consider... from Joseph P Farrell on the matter of the still dead OBL, who might even be still alive for all anyone can say for certain.
OK…. by now you are all probably aware that the death of Osama Bin Laden is being picked apart with a vengeance on the internet and elsewhere, even some of the major media are commenting. Lessee now, how many times has this guy died anyway? There were reports of a death in 2001 shortly after 9/11, there were reports of his death in 2003, and now this death, in which he was killed in a “firefight.” He has died by kidney failure, complications due to kidney failure, being blasted apart by bunker buster bombs, shot while hiding (or was that not hiding) behind a woman being used (or not used) as a shield in a firefight.

Uhm…. I’m noticing an odd pattern here, for it reminds me of the many Egyptian feats of death of SS General Hans Kammler, who died in (1) a blaze of glory fighting rebelling Czechs in Prague; (2) by a gunshot to the head in a suicide; (3) by ordering his SS orderly to shoot him in the head; (4) by taking poison in a wood outside Prague, or (5) not dying at all (if we are to believe Wernher von Braun), but disguised himself as a Catholic monk and snuck out of Europe (can we say “Argentina”?) It reminds me of the many feats of death of Martin Bormann, who died in a tank, or …maybe it was beside a tank, oh wait a minute, he died near the Weidendammer Bridge, or was that the Lehter railroad station? Or consider ‘Dolf himself, who, according to the official version (neatly tied by the media to the announcement of Osama’s death), killed himself with a pistol shot to the right temple in the bunker on April 30, 1945, or was that with a pistol shot up through the mouth? or a pistol shot to the temple while simultaneously biting down on a cyanide capsule? Oh well, it doesn’t matter, because his body was destroyed. Just like Osama’s, just like Bormann’s (which surfaced in 1972), just like Kammler’s…. Oh wait, they didn’t find any body for Kammler.

So what do we have?

(1) No bodies by destruction of evidence (Hitler and Bin Laden)

(2) No bodies by the absence of a body (Kammler)

(3) Obfuscated stories whose conflicting details can never be resolved (Osama, Hitler, Bormann, and Kammler); and,

(4) Those with the most to gain are the very ones telling the stories(the Nazis, the government, &c).

And while we’re at it, don’t forget that these types of sacrifices are always performed according to ritual, and to effect a state of consciousness in the people, to socially engineer the medium, as I averred in LBJ and the Plot to Kill Kennedy.

It sort of leaves one breathless, doesn’t it?
No. Honestly. I don't feel breathless. I feel a bit queasy and my bones feel as though they will evaporate, but my breath is about normal.