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Benevolent autocrats are just FINE by me. And what do you CALL our president, who is vastly more autocratic—and LETHAL—than Correa... who bothers, BTW, to put each bit of his so-called autocracy to a vote of all the people?
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QUITO (Reuters) — Ecuador's President Rafael Correa was on course for a comfortable victory in Saturday's referendum on judicial and media reforms opponents [fascists] say are a power grab undermining the Andean nation's democracy.

"The Ecuadorean people have triumphed," said Correa, claiming victory shortly after polls closed.

The national election council said its first "quick" sample count showed him ahead on all 10 questions by a range of 51-57 percent in what was essentially a vote of confidence on the charismatic Correa, 48, who has governed since 2007.

The vote looks sure to strengthen the popular but domineering Correa's political grip on the OPEC member nation and put him in a good position for a re-election bid in 2013.

Correa supporters danced and sang in jubilation at party headquarters into the night on Saturday.

Two private polls of voters during Saturday's ballot showed all the reforms passing by about 57 and 60 percent, respectively — a wider margin than the first official data.

Some opposition leaders quickly acknowledged defeat.

"It's indisputable he won," the president's brother and critic Fabricio Correa told Reuters. "But it wasn't a thrashing like they said. ... It's time for meditation not triumphalism."

Correa has maintained high popularity among the poor and lower-middle classes thanks to big spending on schools, roads and hospitals. Rivals accuse him of an autocratic streak akin to his ally Hugo Chavez, the president of Venezuela, and fear he could use the reforms to persecute opponents [fascists].

Don't listen to the mindfuckers besmirching everyone who stands against them, KILLING everyone who stands against them. Quit calling it what it is not. It will take away their ability to kill. If you can't see that, you are part of the problem.


Let me put it this way, did Ofucker ask you if he could bomb Libya? Did he get your permission to torture whistle blowers? HOW can this shit work on people? They're lizards appealing to our lizard brains. Your gray matter is there to override this shit. Okay?