he didn't mean it the way it sounds

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Brzezinski is reprehensible, but he thinks he's on the side of right, that the masses don't know what's good for them, that geopolitics must remain manipulated in our favor, especially in favor of the rich, because the social order will disintegrate if this is not vigilantly maintained. No amount of underhanded ugly murderous or unAmerican activity is too much to engage in to prevent a shift in the world order we already have. The only change in it acceptable to him is its strengthening. He's psychotic.

In a way, he is right about the danger. You should look past your revulsion on that. But, at the same time, the points about our consciousness made by Tsarion are valid. You can't be a junky for every single sociopathic move made by psychotic movers and shakers and raise your consciousness at the same time. You cannot sit on sites bullhorning each nuance of, say, Israeli atrocities against Palestinians, or helping them come up with snark slogans for Gingrich's presidential nomination campaign on TwitFace, and turn into a creature who helps positive manifestation manifest. Your personal power depends wholly on YOU opening the way to it. Giving fleas in high places, and those who report on—or clown around with—these fleas' activities, your undivided attention for such long stretches in every day may help you score high on a current events test, but it will not raise the character of those events. It will help insure they continue to devolve.

The psychopathic fleas will continue utterly unimpeded.

I wager THAT is not okay with you.

So you have to stop being overwhelmed. You have to stop avoiding it. You have to stop running into your brick wall. We have to turn into people to whom this stuff cannot be done. Even if it's not the masses doing it. Even if it is only the few. It has to happen or we have NO chance. Each of us must step out of ourselves, our ruts, our usual modes, however set in our ways we like to think we are and rise... inside.