new taibbi piece on our broken system

[click BB2 image]


Blogger, which is still the platform despite having my own web address, went stark raving mad somewhere around 10:30pm PDT and I've lost all track of what I had to say about this. It wasn't positive in any case, and I've had a few hours freaking out about the appalling things happening to my blog... but things appear to be put back in order... except for all the stuff I had to say that I don't know will come back. In fact, they probably won't... or will when it's too late or too stupid to dredge them back up.

It seems to me this stuff ALWAYS happens when I get a real burst of creativity up.


Actually, I messed with that image. So if you don't like it, don't blame BB2. The original is darn nice, but I seem to be developing this strange ethic in my imagery and I needed it this way.