i admit that i was fooled

[click image, video, eighteen minutes]


And for much longer than this guy was, but "space weapons" was just too Out There for me. That's been remedied by a bunch of brilliant people speaking genuinely, showing me valid, solid, evidence that what I've been trained to feel is too Out There is actual. In the course of my investigations for my doctoral degree, I have also found that cold fusion, though debunked, by Jones, is also real. So you might understand that by the time I heard Farrell mentioning directed energy weapons used on the World Trade Center and that Judy Wood is right, I was prepared to go take a hard look at her site.

I only spent a few hours on it, and the lightbulbs all started popping on. I realized that with all the thermite experiments I'd seen Jones do, I hadn't seen anything being "powderized"—which has always been my word for it—but I just felt that in this rarefied form of it they were suggesting, that must be what it did. I remember, though, asking Winter a bunch of times if thermite could blow the material out like that. He didn't have an answer. I couldn't find the answer. Still, within the scope of all I knew about physics, the thermite story was the only thing going. In FACT, I think it got so much flak from the Popular Mechanics twits precisely to help people like me overcome our questions about Jones' story.

I might have come upon this earlier if I'd realized all those burned cars Judy Wood was presenting were a quarter of a mile away, but I quickly seized upon them as the answer to all the belligerence over where was the burned metal. If you did not listen to the Wood interview I posted the other day, despite my beating you over the head with it, you might at LEAST take out eighteen minutes for this video. It is quite straight forward and extremely illuminating. Consider that the herd instinct is likely to get us in these picklements and the bad guys know it and use it against us all the time, get the jump on us and have something tailor made for our herd instincts in advance. Consider whether you want to cooperate with that.

I mentioned quite a while back, at my old blog, that I'd caught Richard Gage in a whopper of omission that I am dirt certain he would not under any circumstances have made, and yet he made it, big as heck on national TV. I looked back and thought of how much emotion was thrown into the whole drive for 9/11 Truth—added to the high emotion we all felt. Jones losing his job. Gage losing his wife. The ceaseless use of Bob McIlvaine, for whom I might happily sacrifice my life, to further that story. Well, yes, Wood lost her job too, and one of her associates lost his LIFE, in pursuit of the truth, but we're not being flogged by it. We're getting a dogged adherence to hard evidence.

Remember tsking about how so many remained so purposely blind because it was just too awful for them to face? Well, look at yourself. You're not looking at this because it seems even more awful and fantastic to face. Was all that energy wasted on the "willful ignorance" of your fellows just you trying to make yourself look reasonable and decent and a seeker after truth, or ARE you reasonable and decent and a seeker after truth? There's a big difference.


HERE is the paper by T Mark Hightower he mentions in the video.