i have not complained

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For the last couple weeks, things Google, and particularly my own blog, have been taking forever to load in Safari, and the activity window is showing all kinds of SCARY stuff as it tries to go about some cyber-ordeal I cannot fathom. There is a flash plugin that seems to be committing suicide every so often lately too. It is the worst when I try to load pages that are heavy to the flash embeds. I just now tried three times to get into my template designer tool and it CRASHED Safari all three times.

I'm thinking this is Google fighting with Apple... and possibly part of their behind the scenes coding for the big new version of Blogger because there are odd moments when the trouble seems to have disappeared, but it's back with a vengeance now. It's damn demoralizing, and neither Google nor Apple seems inclined to speak of the matter, Google being the most disinclined to interact with their public of all.

It's demoralizing. And it's scary. It makes you worry that it is something wrong with your machine... and only brief forays into Firefox, which works just fine, manage to soothe me that it is NOT my machine. It is Google fucking with Apple. They are also fucking with PayPal and Amazon, creating ways for people to succumb to the ease of just giving them ALL their personal information so they can function with the very greatest of ease and the very greatest absence of privacy.

It's demoralizing.

It's demoralizing as heck.