occam's razor is a casuist's tool

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I am telling you we must jump out of the system. What are they up to? Is it "caring" to wring our hands over it? Or do we become people to whom this stuff is not done?

One loses the comfort of the herd when one steps out of the system, when one turns off one's TV, decides to stop automatically buying-in to "the system"... "consensus trance"... playing little games like invoking Occam's Razor in a debate, not because it applies, not because it's even lucid, but because it sounds intelligent and tends to blunt people's ability to differ without sounding shrill, or like a daffodil next to your sterling little piece of horsepoop to deflect your own responsibility to be genuine, to engage with your own life.

It occurred to me somewhere along the line that almost everyone who went to college has read The Prince and YET there are hordes of Hatfields and McCoys raging out there against each other instead of the real enemy, and fulfilling Turd Blossom's little prediction about us just sitting here riveted in shock over the deeds of the power movers. Mindfucked, we whine about mindfuckers, instead of getting down to our own responsibility to RISE, to make this a better world simply by freeing our minds, by stepping back and taking a long honest look at how we participate in our own demise.

It isn't just our conditioning to call being a spectator "life". Or even our conditioning to call consumption "success". It's the endless tangles of brain elisions, tropes, we just let fly out our mouths or off our fingertips because they flow with all their inculcated ego decorations so effortlessly by now.

Who hammered you into that box?

Do you think it's their responsibility to let you out?