obi wan is still dead again

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I was listening to last night's Noory thing this morning so as to ignore my blog being a shambles, a shell of its former self, and heard that someone official has actually put out into the media that Fukushima's reactor core in Unit 1 has been exposed and much more of it has been exposed than previously thought.


Brilliant! Maybe we will get such news trickling out about all the meltdowns in undue course, but I think we can rest assured Unit 3 will be the very last shred of truth we might hope to wrest from deep within the bowels of our covetous psychocracy. You might also enjoy watching a few moments of video taken yesterday from Daiichi... HERE. I mean, since all the radiation forecasting sites are closing down and the EPA has decided not to monitor our food or water anymore and every government on earth has decided to raise the maximum levels of allowable radiation from darn lethal to extremely darn lethal....

Maybe this would put you in a mood to find out I'm not lying about free energy and torsion physics....

Just a thought.

Maybe all this would make you less inclined to pooh-pooh the breakaway civilization theorizing going on out there, too. I don't know. It makes more and more sense to me with the passing of each hour.