pay attention to codex alimentarius

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Medicinal herbs are illegal in the Euro Zone. This is not funny. This is not benign. This is not good for us. This is not looking out for our safety or health. If you even think it might be, go away and don't come back. Period.

Remember all that hullabaloo over the North American Union freaks flinging saliva in their racist outrage against imaginary threats? Sure you do. You remember Amy and Juan bashing the living snot out of Lou Dobbs. You remember the virtuous progressive stance on all that claptrap. Unforgettable. A great victory for our lucidity, right? Well....


And you remember staring in vexation as I went on and on about the Cold Cold War back at my old blog. You probably thought that was another streak of paranoia best left to the winds of history. Well....


You would, of course, have already known about all this but for the monster Blogger outage of aught eleven.