hey, let's do a little icke this morning, shall we?

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You just cannot help but like him. He's got a lot of great stuff going, reptilian shape-shifters notwithstanding. In any case, it may as well be true, if it isn't literally true. They certainly, certainly act the part. Leave us not deceive ourselves about that much.


I think I was meant to be married to Michael Parenti, but in any case he has reminded me of something I want to write to you, but I don't have the mojo just now. I seem to have recovered from the latest autoimmune attack pretty much, but it threw me into my classic dead-tired-and-wide-awake agony. This always culminates in me getting up and trying to function, drinking coffee you can stand a spoon in, which then, radically belatedly, slams me into the sleep of the damned, which will happen any minute now... now that I'm dressed and trying to deal with my day. The soup has descended and dreamland is impending, after two huge mugs full of that killer coffee.

I am VERY weird.

It's hell being me.

So I will bang it out for you later, loves.