not a peep in the headlines... not a hint... times two...

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You can just skip the video ahead to about minute two if you're impatient. This is footage from the live camera trained on Daiichi. It happened in the wee hours of yesterday morning, Japan Time. I mean, maybe you think it's a blessing baby deaths are spiking on the west coast. I do. A heartbreaking and morbid blessing one counts in the direst of straits. But this is so profoundly unacceptable, and the way it's being dealt with is also beyond the beyond in unacceptability. Yet people dare get up in front of TV cameras to squabble over who will have the privilege of playing frick to Ofucker's frack at the pseudo polls next year. You've been trained to see some sort of rightness in this, no matter how inane or lethal you might also perceive it to be.

A criminal conspiracy, or, actually, a massive agglomeration of them, runs the world. It's blatant. It's blinking neon. Yet anyone mentioning it, let alone yelling about it, is branded a "conspiracy nut" so people can turn back to bickering about which criminal conspiracists' approach is the more virtuous. This makes complete sense to everyone.

Lucid and intelligent people make analyses of actual occurrences, actual earthly phenomena, whether historical or contemporary and across all disciplines, and if it hasn't been fed to you by a politician on TV or a teacher at school—EVEN if you can see the veracity of it—EVEN if you think you believe it—EVEN if you argue for it all the time—it isn't real to you. You fear opening your mouth in front of zombies who will only hear what they are told to hear. They're respectable, not "conspiracy nuts". They're hypnotized psychopaths, not lucid analysts, not leadership material, not even people you want living near you, and this is as verifiably true as blaring klieg lamps and blasting heavy metal in your cell, but it's not real to you.

You are experiencing the world as though it were a TV show... whether it be Saturday morning cartoons or primetime drama or Animal Planet or The History Channel, whatever's on the tube. It's akin to sports fandom. Vicarious. A spectacle. You are passive. You work hard to earn the money to buy your ticket to this show. You look around to see who's in the plush box seats, maybe aspire to that or turn your nose up at such profligacy, and spend all your consciousness scheming on how not to get bumped clear up to the ignominy of rafter seating in this stadium... or... worse... then to get shoved off the rafters, splatted on the hard pavement of homelessness and starvation and preventable death.

Is that okay with you? Are you getting good at popping your kelp pills with your fingers crossed?

If you haven't figured it out yet, there is more than the literal meaning involved in my repeated admonishments to turn OFF your TV.


Doug just sent me THIS MP3 of an interview with Arnie Gundersen about a nuclear emergency in Nebraska. Have you seen or heard Word One about this? Do you feel an urge to act like an Italian?


Perhaps I should expand on that, reiterate, drill in for those not given to listening to anything, let alone Arnie's tepid way of describing OUTRAGEOUSLY UNACCEPTABLE facts and probabilities. You might do without the details of how we just only maybe missed a meltdown in Nebraska to match the ones in Fukushima, but you might want to know that, while people in Tokyo are breathing 10 hot particles a day, people in Seattle are breathing 5... or were in April and newer releases are not out. ONE hot particle lodged in your lung or in your digestive track can just sit there harming your tissues for however long and cause cancer and other dread diseases. The EPA is not monitoring this. The FDA is not monitoring this. Nothing is being done at Daiichi... except the live camera feed.