i gotta listen to this again

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I listened to it a year or two ago, and was befuddled by the fantastical mix of things discussed and the polarity of them, their seeming not to go together, the weird juxtaposition of irredeemably wuwu and sage, a bunch of conflicting takes. I just listened again, but I was doing the dishes and running too far afield of the audio to take it in well enough.

Despite knowing what sounds like insufferable arrogance to the uninitiated is actually simply ego-neutral information to the initiated, he sounds SO presumptuous to me when talking about encoding the words in his book with light. Even if the problem is that I do not understand, it still seems to me he should not have said that, would not if he wishes to help people, but there are also concepts in here that just flat out DO help, or WOULD, if people would look into them deeply enough. So.

I have to cop to my problem with astrology. I have had an incomplete and tainted view of it for most of my adult life. It has been explained to me how actually intelligent and undeceived adults can put stock in it, and it was a a VERY good explanation. Still, I feel things rising in me to reject out of hand anything coming out someone's mouth the moment this well-worn prejudice is triggered, and I need to strap my knees down onto the chair to keep them from jerking up on me. I've mentioned before that often it is such a struggle for me to completely hear something that I only partially hear it. This is one of those times.

I wouldn't bring it up except that his notions about us separating off from society into self-sustaining tribal groups deeply resonates with me. I have seen how it brought my ancestors from the last global cataclysm on up into today AND also that doing this in advance of any cataclysm or major war or other manmade calamity is THE most intelligent means of dealing with the completely untenable state of things. So this makes it WORTH it to me to try to get over myself enough to completely hear this person who comes off with too much vanity and lunacy for me here.

So. Shit. I have to listen again. Maybe you could help me with this?


Okay, with no help from you, so far, I think the balance in here tips toward good things to think about. Personally, because I neither believe nor disbelieve about ETs, I just discount whatever is said about them, or supposedly comes through them—not the information itself, but the identity, the supposed origin—because it can be completely a trick of the mind putting a face on what it doesn't understand, or completely real, or dream, or anything in between, and no one can naysay it or affirm it without personal experience—and because I acknowledge that my feeling about his vanity can be 100% from ignorance, hearing it all completely, I think this is worth the trouble, worth it as practice in the thought experiment I keep encouraging you to try.